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The Benefits of Frozen Shipping for Perishable Goods

Frozen Shipping

If you’re someone who’s in the food, pharmaceutical or floral business, you know the importance of frozen shipping. You want your products to reach your customers just as you sent them, with their quality retained and their state preserved. This is something regular shipping doesn’t guarantee. Thankfully, we have something called frozen or cold chain shipping.

Perishable goods such as food items, specific kinds of artwork, medicines, meat, dairy products, agricultural produce, fruits and veggies, flowers, and frozen foods can go bad if not stored at a specific temperature. Such goods cannot be shipped through regular shipping; rather, these temperature-sensitive products are shipped by frozen shipping.

Frozen shipping utilizes special methods, techniques, and machinery to control the temperature, during transportation, at a specific range so the quality, integrity, and shelf-life of your cargo are maintained. Temperature, humidity, and airflow are maintained so your valued customers receive their deliveries just like you sent them! Resulting not only in an increase in customer satisfaction but saving you from major losses (product wastage) as well.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major benefits of using frozen shipping for perishable goods. How are the products preserved? And why should you choose frozen shipping for your temperature-sensitive products? Read till the end to find out.


Benefits of Using Frozen Shipping

Here are the major benefits of using frozen shipping for temperature-sensitive, perishable goods:


#1. Preserves the Quality of Goods

The primary benefit of using frozen shipping to transport perishable goods is that it maintains quality. Temperature-sensitive products are meant to be stored at a certain optimum temperature, and any fluctuation in this range can cause chemical changes in them. This can impact their quality, resulting in major losses, as well as unhappy customers. 

Frozen shipping utilizes special techniques and methods to maintain the temperature of the cargo throughout transportation. From packing and loading to offloading and delivery, the temperature of your frozen cargo is maintained so its quality remains preserved. 

Not only high temperature but other factors such as airflow, humidity, and moisture buildup can also have a negative impact on the quality of perishable goods. Frozen shipping also controls these conditions, so your customers receive their deliveries just like you sent them!


#2. Prevents Spoilage

Perishable goods are at a much greater risk of spoilage as compared to non-perishable ones. Heat exposure, temperature fluctuation, and moisture buildup can cause drastic changes in their chemical properties, ultimately causing spoilage. Moreover, microbial or fungal growth at any part of the cargo can quickly spread to all ends and cause your goods to quickly go bad. 

This is especially significant in food items and medicines, as these items are highly temperature-sensitive and can quickly become unusable even with a slight change in environment. 

Frozen shipping maintains the temperature, humidity, and airflow to prevent spoilage. This is done using techniques such as insulation packaging, air conditioning, humidity maintenance, automation, and by using industrial fans so the quality of your goods stays intact. Unspoiled, preserved goods get shipped to your clients, causing an increase in customer satisfaction while maintaining the integrity of your brand.


#3. Retains Products’ Shelf-Life

Perishable goods have a much shorter shelf-life as compared to non-perishable ones. For example, food items such as vegetables and fruits are still living post-cultivation. These items must be stored in optimum conditions to maintain their taste, color, texture, odor, and quality. Any change in their environment, such as temperature fluctuation, heat exposure, or moisture buildup, can catalyze chemical changes in them, resulting in a decrease in their shelf-life.   

Decreased shelf-life means that they’re closer to spoilage and must be used quickly. Goods cannot be delivered to the customers in this state. This is why we use frozen or cold-chain shipping to transport these products. Frozen shipping ensures that the shelf-life of goods is retained through every stage of shipping till delivery. 

Cold Chain 3PL is a highly skilled logistics name that can provide you with efficient frozen shipping solutions. The brand utilizes smart techniques, so your perishable cargo’s quality and shelf life is maintained throughout shipping and transportation. Visit Cold Chain 3PL’s official webpage to explore its amazing services. 


#4. Maintains Hygiene

Hygiene is much more critical to perishable goods as compared to non-perishable ones. Bacterial, parasitic, or fungal growth due to unhygienic conditions during transportation can cause your cargo to quickly go bad. Such goods cannot be delivered to customers, resulting in wastage. 

A mold growing at any part of the cargo can quickly spread in all directions, causing rapid spoilage. This is why it is so important to maintain hygienic conditions through every stage of shipping and transportation. Cold chain shipping helps ensure that. 

Bacterial and fungal growth is promoted in warm and humid conditions. Due to temperature fluctuation during shipping, moisture buildup can cause mold to grow and spread rapidly. This is prevented by maintaining dry and cold conditions.

Frozen shipping utilizes various industrial techniques to maintain such optimum conditions for your cargo. For example, a steady airflow is maintained using large industrial fans to prevent moisture from building up.


#5. Controls Temperature Fluctuation During Transportation 

Temperature fluctuation is one of the major causes of quality deterioration and spoilage in temperature-sensitive products. When shipped to far-off areas, a cargo passes through many regions with different temperature and climate conditions. This causes a certain fluctuation in the temperature range which, if not managed, can cause your precious goods to go bad!

In addition to that, various unexpected problems such as slow or jammed traffic, delay at borders due to checking, transport vehicle breakdown, etc., can also cause temperature fluctuation. Regular shipping does provide a solution for maintaining this fluctuation, which is why we utilize frozen shipping. 

Frozen shipping ensures that even if temperature fluctuations occur, it does not affect the goods transported. However, ensure that you choose a reputable logistics brand for transporting your perishable products. 

Cold Chain 3PL is one such name whose well-trained, highly-professional employees will make sure that your goods reach their destination in their original state. Check out some amazingly positive client testimonials on the company’s official website to have an idea of how the brand works. 


#6. Higher Customer Satisfaction Rate

When delivered, goods damaged or spoiled during shipping will result in unhappy customers. This can not only result in loss of loyal, regular customers but a decrease in sales as well. Moreover, spoiled goods being delivered can have a very negative impact on your brand’s credibility. 

No one wants spoiled goods at their doorstep. Frozen shipping ensures that your valued customers receive their deliveries in their original quality and condition. The quality, shelf-life, value, and state of products are preserved to give customers the best possible experience.

Happy and satisfied customers will leave positive reviews for your brand, attracting more customers and improving your brand’s image as well, giving you an edge over your competitors. These happy clients will recommend your brand to their families and friends, resulting in higher sales.


#7. Helps Avoid Losses

Spoilage and wastage are the major causes of loss when it comes to businesses that produce and sell perishable, temperature-sensitive goods. The food, dairy, meat, floral, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries suffer millions of dollars in losses due to spoilage of their goods. You may not believe it, but almost one-third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste due to spoilage! 

Interestingly, the majority of spoilage occurs during shipping and transportation, which makes it the biggest cause of financial loss for such perishable goods-producing businesses. 

Frozen shipping helps businesses avoid losses by preventing goods spoilage. By keeping conditions such as temperature, humidity, and airflow under control, the risk of spoilage is minimized. This results in minimum wastage and, in turn, minimal loss. 


#8. Wider Brand Reach

Frozen shipping allows your brand to reach a wider audience and sell your products in far-off markets. Local businesses can now reach out and ship to an international clientele, all thanks to cold chain shipping. By reaching out to a wider audience, you have more chances of sales, revenue generation, and brand growth. 

International shipping is usually a complicated procedure, but Cold Chain 3PL can make the whole process extremely simple for you. The company follows standard protocols, and its highly trained employees make sure that the clients receive the best possible logistical solutions. The brand’s amazing customer support is available 24/7 to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible. Call Cold Chain 3PL right away to explore your options! 



Perishable or temperature-sensitive goods must be shipped under specific conditions to maintain their quality, shelf-life, and value. Any instability in the conditions, such as temperature fluctuation, heat exposure, humidity, or moisture buildup, can cause spoilage of goods, resulting in loss. This is why perishable goods need to be shipped through frozen or cold-chain shipping. 

In this blog post, we have summarized all the benefits of utilizing frozen shipping for perishable goods. If you’re in any kind of perishable goods business, remember these advantages when selecting a shipping procedure. You can also choose Cold Chain 3PL to effectively and efficiently handle all your frozen shipping for you! 

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