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Jamie Moriarty on Fox32: On Healthy, Frozen Meal Options

Three individuals on a news segment with frozen meal options on the table in a studio set with "Fox32 Chicago" in the background.

Embark on a journey into the realm of frozen delights with Jamie Moriarty, a former Olympic athlete turned cold chain entrepreneur! Through Cold Chain 3PL’s innovative partnerships with brands, Moriarty and her team are revolutionizing breakfast tables nationwide, offering an eclectic selection of frozen treasures tailored for the fast-paced rhythm of family life. This segment serves as a delightful revelation, debunking the age-old myth that frozen foods pale in comparison to fresh alternatives. With a focus on fun, nutrition, and affordability, Cold Chain 3PL is reshaping perceptions and proving that frozen can indeed be first-rate, challenging conventional notions and bringing a refreshing twist to the culinary landscape.

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