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Frozen Fulfillment

Streamline Your Frozen Fulfillment with Cold Chain 3PL


Are You Ready to Outsource Frozen Fulfillment? Here is Food for Thought!

Cold Chain 3PL knows and understands that food, pharma, and beverage warehousing and fulfillment needs are complex and tricky. Besides all the typical considerations and issues involved, there is the extra wrinkle of working with perishable goods and products that have to be stored adequately and shipped quickly to preserve freshness and minimize the risk of spoilage.

Frozen Storage - Frozen Fulfillment Service

Experience and Expertise in Food, Beverage, and Pharma Fulfillment

As your fulfillment partner in Chicago and the Midwest region, Cold Chain 3PL can look after the whole food fulfillment process for your business. We start with receiving your perishable goods into our secure and safe warehouses and ensure items are carefully packed for delivery.

Our frozen shipping service in Chicago and the Midwest region will meet your unique needs and preferences. Our competent team can carry out various inventory management processes for your business stock, including date rotation, quality assurance checks, and batch control.

Needs and Subtleties of the Frozen Food Sector

There has been a rising trend toward convenience foods, with the frozen food market growing by over 20% in 2020. Cold Chain 3PL provides the services to accommodate this growing market by partnering with businesses that focus on frozen products. The best thing about leaving fulfillment up to frozen fulfillment professionals like us ensures that your products and brand are in the best possible hands.

Frozen Fulfillment complex and requires specialized warehousing, labor, and transportation. Food, pharma, and beverage fulfillment is

one of the many sectors where it’s especially important to have advanced systems as well as real-time monitoring. With high standards for the storage, distribution, and handling of frozen food products, it’s critical to partner with frozen fulfillment experts. Storing and shipping frozen food products and temperature-sensitive drugs is unique. It also requires special expertise and knowledge from the best temperature-controlled storage areas to the precise amount and type of cooling materials based on the season to ensure that the supply chain remains intact. Our frozen shipping service will help meet your needs.

Cold Chain 3PL has the  Shipping Solution for Your Frozen Fulfillment Needs

Companies and firms that provide frozen food fulfillment services and solutions must be sensitive to the various nuances and intricacies of operating in this unique sector. It is essential to accommodate and respect numerous intricacies when working in this industry. Some of them include:

FDA-compliant and food-grade storage

Temperature control (also called cold chain management)

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification

Value-added services

FEFO and FIFO order dispatch

➢ Real-time and reliable order tracking.

storage room
Frozen Food Market - Frozen Fulfillment Service - Cold Chain 3PL

When consumers order frozen and fresh products from a brand or retailer’s e-commerce website, they put their faith and trust in the processes behind the scenes. And fortunately for both brands and
retailers, Cold Chain 3PL has the cold chain fulfillment knowledge and expertise, ensuring consumers get fresh food and pharma products fast.

We can help your company or business with expert food fulfillment capabilities that you will not find anywhere else. Our team has experience in B2C and B2B fulfillment of perishable products and shelf-stable consumables and is ready and happy to put that experience and expertise to work for our clients.

Not only can we handle your shipping for food fulfillment, but we also provide various value-added services in order to help you take your business or company to new heights of success.

We Are Always Optimizing Our Cold Chain & Third Party Logistics Systems

We take pride in our high-quality service and last-minute and rush projects are always welcome. With our modern facility and comprehensive cold chain logistics solutions, we can handle all of your cold storage needs.

Why Choose Cold Chain 3PL?

We offer a comprehensive range of shipping solutions and options to achieve the optimum balance of cost efficiency and speed. Our unique technology is excellent as it provides you with real-time inventory visibility. You will also get transaction-level updates and a summary of all activity through our cloud-based technology.

FDA Registered

We are registered with the FDA. We follow all the Standard Operating Procedures set by the FDA, which include strict FIFO and FEFO order dispatch, employee training, immaculate record management, and documented quality control measures. Our team ensures proper storage and handling during food, pharma, and beverage fulfillment.

E-Commerce Connections

At Cold Chain 3PL, our primary goal is to offer a reliable, flexible, stable, and process-driven fulfillment service to all of our clients in Chicago and the Midwest region. We ship food, pharma, or anything else that needs cold shipping services. We will thoroughly address your logistical and shipping needs so that you can focus on your core business operations and services.

We can also connect with your e-commerce partners. This is because our team is experienced with many APIs, such as Amazon, Woo Commerce, Shopify, and many more.

Real-Time Inventory Management

We are registered with the FDA. We follow all the Standard Operating Procedures set by the FDA, which include strict FIFO and FEFO order dispatch, employee training, immaculate record management, and documented quality control measures. Our team ensures proper storage and handling during food, pharma, and beverage fulfillment.
Secured and Safe Storage - Frozen Fulfillment Service - Cold Chain 3PL

We are the 3PL that Gets Your Frozen Products to Market

When you work with us, you get a proactive and professional team that offers the guidance and advice you need to help you achieve your various business goals. We have multi-channel capabilities and a vast transportation network that handles your frozen food and pharma fulfillment quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to meet your needs.

Our team analyzes all shipping options and then develops the optimal solution for you based on factors such as package weight, delivery timeframe, and product characteristics to ensure that your frozen food and beverage orders always arrive on time, in peak condition, and at the lowest cost.

Saving Time and Money

Our frozen fulfillment services are designed around finding our customers the best rates with the most experienced and reliable carriers in the industry. And this is important as it can save you a considerable amount of money and time, ensuring that your frozen goods and items reach their destination as efficiently and safely as possible.

Our expertise and knowledge of frozen food fulfillment also mean we’ve what it takes to offer you successful and timely deliveries even when dealing with complex and multiple channels. We know and understand how crucial it is to have dependable frozen food fulfillment in Chicago and Midwest, and we do everything to achieve it for you.

We are committed to understanding and solving the unique issues and challenges you face every day. So, whether you have to deliver loads of linguine noodles, crates of cookies, or plenty of peanut butter, your business can rely on us to get your food, pharma, and beverages where you want them and whenever you want them.

Our Process

E-Commerce Frozen Shipping Chicago | Near You | Cold Chain 3PL

1. We will develop a plan for you

You can schedule a free 30-minute call with us. We will learn about your business and create a fulfillment plan that meets your unique needs and requirements.

E-Commerce Frozen Shipping Chicago | Near You | Cold Chain 3PL

2. We will connect to your site

We will integrate with your order software (Shopify, ShipStation, Amazon, etc.) so that we can easily receive all your orders in real-time.

E-Commerce Frozen Shipping Chicago | Near You | Cold Chain 3PL

3. Ship us your frozen inventory

You can ship your pallets or items to our distribution center, and we will distribute your products to our various frozen fulfillment centers.

E-Commerce Frozen Shipping Chicago | Near You | Cold Chain 3PL

4. We will ship your orders

We will ship your frozen goods orders from the fulfillment center that is closest to your customer. This ensures that every order arrives in one to two days.

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