No Minimum Order Requirements: 85% of U.S. population ships ground

Secure & Reliable Shipping Samples


We are the chief authority in e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution of chilled products throughout greater Chicago and beyond. Armed with 20 years under our belt in the industry, our dedicated crew is steadfast in providing consistent packing, picking, and dispatch services to ensure your business delivers fresh supplies to your clientele.

Unparalleled Sample Shipping Services with Cold Chain 3PL’s Reliable Delivery

1. No Minimum Order Requirements
Be it a solitary sample or thousands that need shipment, we’ve got you covered! It’s all about flexibility at our end – you only disburse charges for what you ship out with absolutely no invisible fees, ensuring open pricing.

2. Integration
Our platform provides smooth consolidation – ColdChain3PL, via APL (Application Programming Interface). This integration lets us link up with hundreds of channels, platforms, and marketplaces while keeping tabs on your inventory and order status in real time, leading to effective and trustworthy service delivery!

3. Customizable Promotions & Packs
We know how crucial it is to leave a lasting mark on the folks you’re trying to reach. That’s why we give you all the customization tools you could need for your samples—think promotional inserts, labels, stickers—you name it. Plus, we have no problem bundling related items into a neat little package that screams, ‘Pick me!’

4. Food Safety & Temperature Assurance
Over here at ColdChain3PL, we offer top-of-the-line services when it comes to keeping things cold or frozen. We promise nothing short of perfect conditions for your samples during storage and transport. Thanks to some pretty snazzy tech and infrastructure designed just for temperature control—we’ll keep those products in their sweet spot, from warehouse to doorstep. And don’t worry about shipping methods either – dry ice, gel packs, insulated containers, or refrigerated trucks – say the word.

5. Third-Party Logistics
Let us show you how seamless logistics can be. By fine-tuning our operations continuously—that means reducing your shipping rates by 10-40% through our network of carriers and partners—we turn deliveries into a breeze. Whether it’s same-day delivery or next-day ground shipment, it doesn’t matter; count on us to get your samples where they need to be pronto.

6. Customer Notifications
We know just how important customer dialogue can be during the shipment process. To make things smoother—here’s what we do—we shoot off notification emails acting as your messengers, letting customers know the status of their package and updating them each step till delivered, enhancing customer interaction while keeping them excited

Our Locations

We’re strategically spread across three major American locales, a trio of staging posts for the quickest and most reliable ecommerce frozen fulfillment possible. Here’s where we hang our hats:

  1. Wheeling, IL – This is home sweet home for us – our main hub in the Chicago area. This massive fortress houses the majority of our frosted wares. We’ve over 100,000 square feet, armed with cutting-edge logistic systems in this contemporary building.
  2. Pacoima, CA – Then we jet off to California – base two if you like. Serving the cold storage needs of all our West Coast partners from here. A roomy property boasting more than 50,000 square feet of refrigerated storage space, plus a crew that really knows their stuff.
  3. Baltimore, MD – Last stop – Baltimore! Catering to the frosty requirements of all our East Coast buddies right here. With over 25k square feet set aside just for ice-cold storage and services that are always on the dot.

How It Works

Working with ColdChain3PL to ship your samples is a breeze. Here’s how we roll:
  1. Sending Your Product Our Way – Whether you’ve got loads or individual samples, just send them over. We’ll safely tuck them into cold storage and closely monitor your inventory.
  2. Order Placement – Whenever a customer orders a sample from your website or platform, our integrated system springs into action instantly and updates your inventory in real-time.
  3. Pick & Pack – Every time an order pops up, we quickly pick and pack the sample. Rest assured that we’ll use top-notch packing materials and techniques to keep those samples fresh ‘n safe.
  4. Delivering the Goods – Yes, we do deliver – literally! Using top-tier courier options available on hand, each of your precious parcels will reach its destination promptly and reliably.
  5. Staying in Touch – We’ll keep your customers posted by shooting off email notifications as their packages take flight until they reach their doorstep.

We Are Always Optimizing Our Cold Chain & Third Party Logistics Systems

We take pride in our high-quality service and last-minute and rush projects are always welcome. With our modern facility and comprehensive cold chain logistics solutions, we can handle all of your cold storage needs.

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ColdChain3PL is not just any shipping ally; it’s home to professionals who excel at ferrying cold or frozen goods around. Armed with experience, expertise & unwavering commitment to rising as per

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