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Third-Party Logistics for Frozen Goods


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Outsource Your Logistics Needs to Experts

Why Join Forces with a 3PL for Cool Chain Command?

1. Cost Savings

Choosing to hand off your logistic chores to a seasoned 3PL logistics provider could mean serious cutbacks on expenses. They have everything from moving services and warehouse space to manpower resources and snazzy tracking technology. And yet that’s not all! A single facility can play host to multiple clients, thanks to these savvy providers who leverage advanced tech capabilities alongside automation facilities—an accomplishment that far eclipses anything an individual business might look forward to achieving alone.

2.Access to Expertise and Experience

The vast understanding and experience of running top-notch logistic solutions, including managing cold chains, are where these 3PL companies shine. They have it all figured out—from handling floodgates of orders and additional staff requirements—to leveraging their networking prowess towards scoring perfect shipping rates, plus faster-than-light delivery schedules. Finding yourself an adaptive & flexible partner well-versed in handling all things ‘cold-chain’ is absolutely essential when dealing with stuff like food safety norms & compliance issues.

3. Efficient Inventory Management

A dependable 3PL blends effortlessly with your online shop, letting you keep a finger on the pulse of your stock levels at each order fulfillment center. You can replenish your inventory before it runs dry. Once the 3PLs tuck away your goods, you get a clear-eyed view of what’s left and how many units fly off the shelf daily, letting you effectively manage orders and keep customers happy.

4. Multichannel Inventory Management

Whether you’re dispatching subscription boxes through your website or putting products on retail display shelves, teaming up with a 3PL lets you pull together and streamline inventory management across numerous channels. The 3PL steps in as your behind-the-scenes logistics command center, seeing that stock is evenly spread out over various platforms.

5. Returns Management

Full-fledged 3PL outfits have all the tech tools they need – and an expansive network of partners – allowing them to consistently tweak supply chain effectiveness and finetune operations for advancing e-commerce growth. They also deal with the headache-inducing task of processing returns while ensuring customer returns don’t jam up operations.

6. Reliable Cold Chain Management

Join forces with a reliable provider to outsource 3PL needs for solid inventory pointers that eliminate fluctuating storage capacities and roller-coaster costs, preventing business credibility from going sideways. This connects you with experienced supply chain pros who maintain cold chain logistics from top to bottom.

Work with a 3PL - Our 3PL Services

At ColdChain3PL, we’re in the business of delivering top-notch third-party logistics (3PL) services with a focus on cold chain management. Our role is to make sure your products stay in peak condition from start to finish with our efficient and reliable logistics solutions. Here’s what we have for you:

1. Cold Chain Services
We provide bespoke e-commerce fulfillment, storage, and distribution services for all things temperature-sensitive. Our capacity is quite desirable in the greater Chicago area thanks to our strategically positioned frozen e-commerce fulfillment centers across the States. This deep reach ensures that wherever your product needs to go, it’ll get there quickly, correctly and still be ice-cold when it arrives.

2. Expedited Shipping
When shipping frozen goods, timing isn’t just crucial; it’s everything! That’s why we’ve got fast-track shipping options allowing speedy turnovers or snap-on-the-spot shipments required by businesses running their own fulfillment centers. Rest assured that speed doesn’t mean compromise here; your cool products arrive swiftly without undermining quality.

3. Manufacturing Logistics
Our vast range of logistic offerings also caters to industrial producers! We include all bases covered, from transporting goods to distribution, along with extra benefits like order execution, product repackaging, and inventory handling, included as standard features rather than optional extras. So let us streamline the manufacturing supply chain while you can concentrate on whatever makes your business tick!

4. Frozen Fulfillment and Distribution
It takes more than just a chilled van to handle frozen fulfillment correctly: enter our specialized team experienced in this kind of transportation requirements. Uncompromising optimal delivery conditions are paired with serious negotiation skills that get us the best shipping rates for our customers, resulting in affordable yet effective freight solutions.

5. Food and Beverage Logistics
When freshness counts most, trust no one but experts! That’s us – fully committed professionals well-versed specifically with the food and beverage industry’s standards, offering relevant temperature-controlled facilities, preserving authenticity, flavor, and natural qualities.

Cold Chain Expertise

Cold Chain 3PL is your go-to specialist in the intricate world of cold-chain movement. It’s all about moving and storing those products that need just the right temperature. This is serious stuff – calling for precision and an ironclad commitment to safety and regulation checklists.

1. Experience and Expertise

Decades in this unique field have turned us into cold-chain experts – we’re adept at navigating its every twist and turn. Our crew features veterans familiar with keeping everything ice-cool under the pressure of maintaining a smooth-running cold chain.

We’ve shepherded everything from food to pharmaceuticals to biological swabs across temperature-sensitive terrains. Armed with such diverse exposure, we assure our clients that their valuables will be treated with kid gloves.

2.Safety and Quality Assurance

For us at ColdChain3PL, chilling out is literal; our mission is protecting product quality by ensuring they stay cool. To do this, we’ve laid down solid safety rules and quality checks to ensure items remain at the right temperatures during storage and transit.

Decked out with cutting-edge freezing systems and nifty gadgetry that monitors temperatures around the clock, our chilly vaults keep your products on ice. These facilities undergo regular health checks to prevent slip-ups in keeping goods frosty-fresh.

3. Compliance

The word ‘compromise’ isn’t in our code language regarding regulations compliance within the cold chain logistics field! At ColdChain3PL, playing by the rule book isn’t enough; we keep ahead of emerging legislation changes globally where we work.

Our conveyance solutions rise to meet top-shelf regulatory standards, including toeing lines laid down by regulatory bigwigs like FDA or EMA, among others applicable. We’re sticklers for ensuring all paperwork lines up neatly in a row – ensuring hitch-free transit for your goods.

4. Commitment to Excellence

At Cold Chain 3PL, going beyond just delivering is part of our core kernel logic! Our crew undergoes continuous learning aimed squarely at leading-edge know-how within this cool-transport sector. Calibrated towards offering fuss-free services, coupled with stellar service levels, exceeding expectations remains firmly our key objective.

Tailor-Made Logistics from Cold Chain 3PL

The crew at Cold Chain 3PL is all about dishing out custom-tailored logistics solutions for our individual client needs. The magic recipe of our personalized service goes a little like this:

1. Understanding Client Needs

Every relationship with our clients starts with us understanding their unique needs inside and out. We put time and resources on the line to deeply understand your logistics and supply chain management goals, obstacles, and aches. This deep dive forms the bedrock of our tailor-made services.

2. Crafting Tailored Logistics Solutions

Rooted in our comprehensive grasp of your requirements, we draw up strategic game plans that resonate with your specific demands. Our tailor-made slants consider critical details like merchandise type, temperature norms, haulage distance, and delivery cutoff times. Be it meds or fresh produce you’re dealing with, we’ve got a plan just for you.

Our made-to-order strategies are engineered to single-handedly offer many benefits to our dear patrons. These perks encapsulate dramatic cost trimming, better operational smoothness, egged-on inventory handling & upgraded customer experience. With ColdChain3PL, you can be reassured that your logistics expectations will be met with unmatched professionalism and brick-heavy expertise.

3. Our Track Record in Customized Solutions

ColdChain3PL proudly looks back at a trail-blazing path, focused on offering bespoke solutions to various clients. These include:

Food and Beverage Industry Solutions – We are equipped to transport sensitive goods across vast distances while keeping ideal conditions intact. For one food & beverage heavyweight, we employed temperature-regulated transport & storage, coupled with real-time temp monitoring – ensuring frosty items stayed perfectly chilly throughout its nationwide travel.

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions – We’ve also catered customized SOPs for pharmaceutical heavyweights needing temperature-strict storage & distribution. For one of our pharma patrons, we rolled up a logistic strategy featuring not just temperature-specific storage & dispatch but live temperature & dampness tracking, too – confirming essential commodities stayed within required confines, complying with intricate regulatory norms.

Technology and Innovation

Here at Cold Chain 3PL, tech and innovation are our bread and butter. We use the latest tools to elevate our logistics game plan, promising nothing but top-notch service to our clientele. Our dedication to keeping ahead of the curve with up-to-the-minute logistics technology sets us apart – we don’t just shoot for efficient, reliable, and transparent service; we guarantee it.

1. Real-Time GPS Tracking

One of our secret sauces? GPS tracking technology! This lets us keep an eagle-eye view of our fleet in real time. That means exact spots and expected arrival times at a glance! Not only can we keep you in the loop about your shipment’s whereabouts, but this tech also helps us whip into action whenever those pesky unexpected situations creep up—safeguarding punctuality and trustworthiness.

2. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Each storage facility boasts a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS). This wizardry lets us monitor inventory like never before — pinpoint location updates within 3PL warehouses to rapid pick-and-pack processes — everything operates like a well-oiled machine.

And guess what? Our WMS doesn’t shy away from playing nice with your systems, either. It dishes out real-time updates for boosted transparency, meaning you’ll always be update-to-date about your stock levels and the status of your goods. 

3. Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Since cold chain logistics is our thing, keeping optimal temperature conditions takes priority during storage or transit missions! For that purpose alone, advanced temperature monitoring systems save the day – monitoring temps non-stop inside both storage facilities and vehicles en route. Any unusual fluctuations causing potential product integrity issues can be spotted immediately!

Better yet, these precise temp readings can be shared with clients as another nod towards transparency – an essential facet, especially for industries such as pharmaceuticals or food & drink products.

4. Future-Focused Innovation

At ColdChain3PL, our vision always stays fixed on tomorrow’s horizon. We’re constantly scouting for ground-breaking tech enhancements that could pump up efficiency across all facets of logistics services even further: be it AI-powered route optimization methods or exploring blockchain benefits for traceability boost, or roping in IoT gadgets for clever fleet management control – pioneering spirit remains glued to every step we take on behalf of our client’s needs.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our unwavering dedication to top-notch customer service is at the heart of our work at ColdChain3PL. We see logistics as more than just shifting goods from one place to another; it’s about nurturing robust partnerships with our clients built on trust, dependability, and clear-cut communication.

1. 24/7 Availability

Given the intricate nature of logistics, particularly concerning frozen goods, we understand that our client’s needs can arise round-the-clock. Hence, we offer 24/7 customer assistance. Our committed team is ever ready to tackle your queries, handle any hitches and provide updates on shipments—ensuring you can sleep soundly knowing all is taken care of.

2. Dedicated Account Managers

To step up our client rapport game a notch higher, each client gets linked up with their own dedicated account chief, someone who knows your business and will be there for you whenever you need them. They manage your account meticulously by offering personalized services, ensuring they meet your needs swiftly and skillfully.

3. Transparent Communication

Our client conversation is all about keeping it crystal clear! Real-time updates on shipment status? Check! Detailed performance reports? Check! Keeping you in the loop is part of how we do business here. By facilitating open lines of communication, we can better comprehend what you truly need, overcoming challenges promptly and setting straight any raised concerns.

We Are Always Optimizing Our Cold Chain & Third Party Logistics Systems

We take pride in our high-quality service and last-minute and rush projects are always welcome. With our modern facility and comprehensive cold chain logistics solutions, we can handle all of your cold storage needs.

Case Studies

An e-commerce fulfillment table with different food items.

Online Specialty Food Retailer


Facilitate the expansion of an online specialty food retailer by optimizing their supply chain and fulfillment processes.


Integrated an advanced order management system with real-time inventory tracking, implemented automated order processing, and leveraged strategic partnerships with local carriers for faster last-mile delivery.


Achieved a 30% increase in order processing efficiency, reduced shipping times by 25%, and contributed to a notable surge in customer satisfaction.

A group of bottles of juice and fruits ready for e-commerce fulfillment.

Online Fresh Juice Retailer


Enhance the delivery experience for a fresh juice producer, ensuring that items reach customers in peak condition.


Implemented a specialized packaging process, integrated temperature-controlled packing during transport, and utilized predictive analytics to optimize inventory levels and reduce food waste.


Experienced a 20% growth in subscriber retention, significantly decreased product damages, and established a reputation for reliable and high-quality deliveries.

An e-commerce fulfillment table with different food items.

Online Specialty Food Retailer


Facilitate the expansion of an online specialty food retailer by optimizing their supply chain and fulfillment processes.


Integrated an advanced order management system with real-time inventory tracking, implemented automated order processing, and leveraged strategic partnerships with local carriers for faster last-mile delivery.


Achieved a 30% increase in order processing efficiency, reduced shipping times by 25%, and contributed to a notable surge in customer satisfaction.

A group of e-commerce fulfillment containers of food.

Meal Delivery Platform


Streamline the logistics for a meal delivery platform offering pre-cooked meals, aiming to reduce delivery costs and enhance the overall customer experience.


Introduced warehouse routing optimization algorithms, utilized a combination of national and last mile carriers.


Achieved a 15% reduction in delivery costs, improved on-time delivery rates by 20%, and contributed to a substantial increase in customer loyalty for the meal delivery platform.

We take pride in the positive feedback received from our clients. References from our satisfied clients who have experienced the impact of our logistic food fulfillment solutions firsthand are available upon request. They can vouch for our commitment to excellence, reliability, and the success we’ve achieved in optimizing their e-commerce logistics.

Get in Touch

If you’re looking to touch base with ColdChain3PL and want the scoop on what we offer, you’ve got a few options:

Our digits are (312) 217-1070 - so feel free to dial us up for any queries on our services or if you want to talk shop about your logistics needs and get more intel on our solutions.

Hop onto https://coldchain3pl.com - that’s our home turf online. Look around to learn more about our services, read up on our expertise in cold-chain logistics, and note any contact info if you drop us a line.

Cold Chain 3PL is even hanging out over at LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/cold-chain-3pl. It’s one of those professional networking platforms where you can learn plenty of details and send us a message.

Fancy knowing how much money you have to invest in our services? Head to our website again – just look for the quote request form. Fill in your scrawl about whatever logistic needs might be bugging you, then sit tight while ColdChain3PL chalks out an individualized price estimate just for you.